Sunday, December 5, 2021

Just One Name

Precious Lord.....

When I start on my pathway feeling lost and alone...
Believing like I don't have direction to the day
I try on my own to find some purpose in it all
But in my humanity I cannot find the way.

Suddenly a hand of love reaches for me so true...
Letting me know I'm important and so adored
Whispering one name for all that I say and do
Jesus is my bright light and what I am living for.

I dropped to my knees and gave praise to Him in glory...
Tears slowly streamed from my eyes as my heart could now sing
My Emanuel is my breath and my life's story
He is the sum total of my world and everything.

Friday, December 3, 2021

Healing Oil

My Jesus...

I need your healing anointing to flow brilliantly...
A beautiful cascade of devotion from above
Ready to restore all of the greatest parts of me
And make me a new masterpiece of joy with your love.

Set my emotions in line with who you truly are...
Positive, happy, and delightful in every way
For when I look to you my ambitions will go far
You are my guiding light of peace for every day.

I need body renewal to the. greatest degree...
Make everything brand new Lord as only you can
Look inside my heart and see the purest part of me
Prepare me with your grace according to your plan.

Lord I need a movement of your mighty spirit true...
Let it flow like holy oil everywhere
And start a fresh beginning making all so brand new
Jesus I'm waiting for your presence that will be there.

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

The Beauty Of Your Mercy


Your mercy is like a tender comfort to bring my heart happiness...
Knowing that I can always come to you and talk to you at all times
You are the understanding Father that touches my life with the best
And helps me to always feel your presence with a perfect love so kind.

You know that I am a sinner saved by grace and not perfect at all...
Yet you love me beyond infinity and call me your child so blessed
Ready with great compassion and forgiveness whenever I may call
I need to give you my burdens so heavy and you'll handle the rest.

I am honored to be called your beloved child in all I do...
And know that I can come before your throne with humility so grand
I will always get the best of it all from your heart and straight from you
My precious Lord Jesus I am waiting upon your great master plan.

Monday, November 29, 2021

A Prayer Of Refreshment

My Jesus...

I dedicate this day to you, hour by hour...
Fill it with everything wonderful that comes from you
A great refreshment of your anointing and power
Surrounded by your love in everything I do.

Help me to know the movement of your precious, great hands...
And the beautiful peace that surrounds me in each case
I want to see your desire and mightiest plans
And for you to be the endless joy that fills my face.

Jesus, please make this a day that brings us closer still...
I want your love working more powerfully in me
And helping me know the blueprint of your mighty will
Jesus, each day in your light is where I want to be.

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Breathtaking Rain

A man was 🚶 walking along a pathway one day...
Just 🙏 praying with great tears streaming from his eyes
He needed great promise and couldn't see a way
Even though he searched for hope that was surely wise.

Just then, a man came a long and reached out so kind...
The first man told him what was on his mind and more
The stranger asked him if his faith was strong and fine
He answered that he never leaned on faith before.

The stranger led him to Christ with a simple 🙏 prayer...
They prayed for his need knowing it would come true
It showed how much another heart can truly care
And reach out with such great happiness to help you.

Just then the 📱 phone rang with news to delight the ❤ heart...
His friend was doing better and will be ok
The man turned to thank the stranger right from the start
But this generous soul had disappeared that day.

The man looked up to heaven and thanked God with love...
He would live for Him and serve Him his whole life through
He thanked Him for sending his angel from above
From now on, he'd lean on faith in what he may do.

My Lord

You are the beauty that makes each day worth living...
The great hope that beautifully shapes tomorrow's hour
I'm in awe at your sweet heart that's always giving
And your breathtaking anointing that gives me power.

My eyes look to you my source of everything...
For things worth having can only come from above
I'm yearning for your touch and all that it should bring
Jesus cover me with a wash of your great love.

When someone sees me and looks at my joyous face...
They ask how I live every day so happily
I tell them I'm your child in your warm embrace
And that they too can have it all so perfectly.


Thursday, November 25, 2021

The Thanksgiving Table

The Thanksgiving Table

I see a beautiful table set before me,
It's all arranged with detail; so lavish and fair
The food dishes have been placed down so perfectly
Each chair has been positioned with the greatest care.

Yet, something feels to be somewhat different this year,
There's a breathtaking light that seems to fill the room
I look at it all and begin to shed a tear
My curious heart yearns to know much more and soon.

At the head chair, there's a crown shining brilliantly,
As I walk around, things begin to grow more clear
The next spot was mine and all that God's done for me
Looking at it all, I shed another tear.

I saw a space for all of my friends and loved ones
and all those from day to day I don't truly know
There was a clear picture of what God's love had done
A true sense of promise and hope began to show.

As I walked further around the room, on my way,
Your presence and mighty power grew brighter still
I dropped down to my knees not knowing what to say
I gloried in your presence and masterful will.

You showed me to be thankful in all that I am
To see your grace and love in all things, with great care
and not to complain at all, for this is your plan
But, trust in you and know that you are always there.

I proudly took my place at the table that day,
For I'd learned what Thanksgiving truly means to me
Giving thanks to God for it all on life's pathway
and doing it humbly and with purity.


Just One Name

Precious Lord..... When I start on my pathway feeling lost and alone... Believing like I don't have direction to the day I try on my own...