Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Heaven's Window

My Breathtaking Saviour..

My ❤ heart, at times, can be like a 💔 broken ship wandering on the sea...
Searching for new ports of promise, and bright lights of hope to now show
And sometimes there is emptiness and 😕 confusion deep within me
I'm soon overwhelmed with stress and a fear I don't want to know.

But, then your beautiful ❤ heart begins to open wider with love...
Each window in Heaven has a cup of Grace on every sill
Beautiful mercy and joy begin to rain from Heaven above
My heart begins to get a clear picture of you and your will.

You show me that you are in control of everything large and small...
And soon your healing power begins to make something new in me
A breathtaking vessel filled with your spirit to be strong and tall
And your great power soon opens my eyes that I may truly see.

Now my heart is a ship guided by your lighthouse in many ways..
And I have a strong foundation to guide me to my pathways true
Jesus you are my leader and my everything for all my days
I can find the light of promise and hope for who I am in you.

Sunday, October 17, 2021


Wonderful Jesus..

I know without a doubt that I can't do things on my own...
Even though with stubbornness and ignorance I will try
Nothing ever works out as past instances have shown
I always land up wondering and asking myself why.

Then you nudge me and let me know that you are always near...
I kneel down in prayer and give everything Lord to you
But I get impatient waiting on your heart that's so dear
You remind me that in your time you are faithful and true.

You have a plan and purpose and want the best things for me...
Including learning great patience to wait along the way
And you will always be on time with great things now to see
Leading me to a miraculous new and brighter great day.

I am grateful for these revelations that are new...
They show me with clarity how I need you more and more
You are my light of promise in everything I do
I wait so patiently on my knees at your great hearts door.

Monday, October 11, 2021

The Art Session

My Beloved Jesus...

You look down and see me crying so uncontrollably..
It weighs on your perfectly beautiful ❤ heart with power
I look at all things negative that I think about me
The strong 😱 fear begins to tear all things down and devour.

I call myself a failure and worthless through and through...
There's no reason to continue without hope anymore
Suddenly a sense of real urgency comes Lord from you
As you reach out your arms and send sweet peace from Heavens door.

Your love flows through me like honey cleansing all a new..
You begin a wonderful exciting work in me
Suddenly I'm a new person in all I do
I am your breathtaking masterpiece for all to soon see.

I'm worth more than all of the treasures that one can think of..
I'm your beloved child that you hold dear in every way
I am a great success because you are my Lord above
You give me purpose and real promise for every new day!

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Just One Perfect Word


When I am 🚶 walking along my pathway every day...
And my direction may become confusing at its best
I try to figure out which one would be the ideal way
One that would bring me promise and the greatest happiness.

As I'm looking to figure out the condition of the morning sky...
I see rain and doubt if I'm going to see the 🌞 🌅 sun
My spirit becomes 😟 worried and my ❤ heart begins to 😢 cry
Just then, my powerful inner battle had just begun.

You knock on the 🚪 door of my heart with a love that is pure...
And tell me that I need to rest in you and take your ✋ hand
You will be my strength and my foundation to always endure
I just need to walk beside of you and trust your great plan.

Just the mention of one sweet, divine word 'Jesus' and it's done...
Everything will be successful laid down at your feet
A brand new life of hope and victory has now begun
Just one word and a 🌈 rainbow of great triumph I will see!


Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Standing Up For Jesus

My Awesome Saviour...

The world around me is getting darker it seems with each day...
People are being hindered from good things and what is so true
They are being lied to and misled in every greatest way
Pushed further and further away from ever knowing of you.

But your light begins to shine with great intensity and love...
No darkness could ever keep its joy from greatly coming through
Those who have a yearning heart will be greatly blessed from above
And have the privilege of feeling your presence and knowing you.

No effort to silence you will ever work in any way...
You're the rainbow that shines beyond any storms capacity
We have to stand up and fight for you in all we do and say
Realizing that this is your land where we live happy and free.

So we give praise to you and exhaultation your name forevermore...
You are our great Saviour, provider, and our everything
Together we send all praise and Thanksgiving to Heavens door
Let the bells of deep true freedom always and forever ring!

Sunday, October 3, 2021

The Faith Walk

My Jesus...

Sometimes I try to figure things out in my own mixed up way...
Things become difficult when I can't see what I'm searching for
Fear and anxiety cripple me and sadden every day
I can't see the beauty and happiness I need and much more.

You see all of the burdens that are taking hold upon me..
And it brings you such dismay to see what I am going through
You reach down and wrap me in your arms of love so perfectly
Reminding me that you are in control in all that I do.

I have a seed of promise that you have planted deep in me...
I need to learn how to stand on its firm foundation so true
To hold strong in my faith and believe in miracles to see
For every good and perfect thing to have comes Lord right from you.

I lay my burdens at your feet and trust in your great power...
Lord you'll take care of it all and provide for me each day through
You are my source and my greatest answer in the final hour
Lord I surely know that nothing is impossible with you!

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Shadows Of Glory

Wonderful Jesus...

As I see these reflections, there's nothing interesting to me....
I seem to look at every moment so rough and sad
But you have important lessons to convey perfectly
You want me to live a life that is always happy and glad.

You teach me the importance of starting every day with 🙏 prayer
And knowing that you have myself and all things in your great hands
And give me the peace and assurance you'll always be there
I need to see through the window of your heart and your command.

You give me all things perfect that can only come Lord from you...
I need to yearn and search for the wonders of such a great sight
I never have to be negative again my whole life through
For the shadows of glory will give me your great love and light.

Heaven's Window

My Breathtaking Saviour.. My ❤ heart, at times, can be like a 💔 broken ship wandering on the sea... Searching for new ports of promise, and...