Sunday, November 19, 2017

The Thanksgiving Table

I see a beautiful table set before me,
It's all arranged with detail; so lavish and fair
The food dishes have been placed down so perfectly
Each chair has been positioned with the greatest care.

Yet, something feels to be somewhat different this year,
There's a breathtaking light that seems to fill the room
I look at it all and begin to shed a tear
My curious heart yearns to know much more and soon.

At the head chair, there's a crown shining brilliantly,
As I walk around, things begin to grow more clear
The next spot was mine and all that God's done for me
Looking at it all, I shed another tear.

I saw a space for all of my friends and loved ones
and all those from day to day I don't truly know
There was a clear picture of what God's love had done
A true sense of promise and hope began to show.

As I walked further around the room, on my way,
Your presence and mighty power grew brighter still
I dropped down to my knees not knowing what to say
I gloried in your presence and masterful will.

You showed me to be thankful in all that I am
To see your grace and love in all things, with great care
and not to complain at all, for this is your plan
But, trust in you and know that you are always there.

I proudly took my place at the table that day,
For I'd learned what Thanksgiving truly means to me
Giving thanks to God for it all on life's pathway
and doing it humbly and with purity.

God bless you all!


Saturday, November 18, 2017

Thought For The Day

     Have you ever had days or times in your life when you just felt like giving up?  It just didn't seem worth it anymore.  You've tried and failed.  Most of us have had those moments.  Yet, the question is what do you do?

  The trouble stems from one single letter 'I'.  What does that mean?  Well in our imperfect human nature, we try to figure things out and do things on our own.  Guess what?  It never works out.

  This is why we need to give total control to the Lord and look to Him for guidance and help.  He is our everything.  Try it today.


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

A Peace Filled Heart

     Have you ever watched someone try to lift weights?  They try different tasks, keeping their own limitations in mind.  But, you know that the curiosity of human nature always finds a way to make an appearance.  This is when common good sense reasoning goes 'out the window'.  The individual tries a much heavier weight apparatus. and thus feels the heavy burden and poor reasoning of their choice.

    So, what does this have to do with every day life?  Consider two very real factors that affect all of us as we live in a dark and stress filled world... fear and worry.  These are both heavy, negative weight apparatuses if you will of every day life.  But, as followers of Jesus Christ, the negative forces have no place or bearing on a positive foundation.  However, if our human nature effects us, we might allow this heavy burden to have a place on our journey.

  Fear and worry give way to many other sub factors like:  doubt, anxiety, uncertainty, inadequacy and insecurity.  The list can go on and on.  In short, it can way heavily on you and tear apart the masterpiece and strong foundation that God has planned for you.

  This is why a relationship with the Lord is so very important.  It is your 'safety' to protect against the heaviness of every day life.  We invite the Lord into our heart and life.  The joy of his spirit living within us gives us the powerful strength to endure, walk forward with our head held high and take another step with honor.

  So, what do you do when you are strongly affected by this heavy part of life?  Give it immediately over to the Lord.  Ask him to take it away and give you complete peace.  He will do just that!  So here are a few important things for you to remember.  Come to know the Lord and strengthen your bond with him today.

  As you need someone to 'spot' you on the weight-lifting path of life, his hands of love, mercy, and grace will always be there.  What an awesome God!

Prayer:  Father, I want to come to know you and serve you all of my life.  I give you my heart and all that I am.  Please be my everything and guide my life with your mighty hands.  Amen.


I come before you with a very thankful heart today.....
Humbled and honored for all the wonderful things I see,
Asking that you would help me in your own sweet, perfect way
to develop the greatest Thanksgiving Day recipe.

Starting with a pound of love, and a cup of happiness.....
add a dash of laughter and peace, and mix it thoroughly,
Stir in the presence of family and friends at its best
and if you add some chocolate pie, that's alright with me.
Next, blend in memories to brighten each moment gone by.....
Add in some warm thoughts and kind words to fill the room so true,
Sprinkle it with motivation that keeps the spirit high
Realizing that genuine thanksgiving means blessing too.
Bestow good food and the hands to prepare it all with care.....
and fill each body with grace as they take every bite,
Please make each heart observant and always strongly aware
of others to remember and pray for on this great night.
Thanksgiving is not a day, it's a way of life each year.....
Thank you for all your goodness and the perfect recipe,
to share your life with others that you know, love, and hold dear
and to be a great light that always shines so brilliantly.
AMEN. ***********

Monday, November 13, 2017

The Glory Of Your Name

There is a breathtaking light that fills my heart so completely,
It empowers me with everything I'll ever need each day
As I explore and submit my whole being so perfectly
The yearning of my heart will be fulfilled in an awesome way.

A beautiful peace will fill my spirit and bring joy to me,
A wondrous happiness will enlighten my heart with such grace
Rugged strength is mine to stand upon wherever I may be
There is a brilliant hope that gives me guidance for each time and place.

The glory of your name is my foundation to take each step,
It is my source of promise and every good thing from above
The moment I submit my heart unto you, my path is set
Your glory brings the most wonderful and awesome, sweetest love.

There is a gratitude and thanksgiving right now in my heart,
I love the glory of your name and all that you've given me
Even though I may not deserve it, right from the very start
It is always there. when I call, for me,. so abundantly!


Sunday, November 12, 2017

Beautiful Spirit
     Here is a very important question to consider.  How do you define true success?  Why is this so important?  It is crucial because it is something that defines another aspect of who you are.  Some people define success as having a lot of money.  Others see it as having a top job and reaching set goals.

  Now goals are very important.  They give you focus and direction.  But, they are just a small part of the bigger picture.  True success is not something that you can necessarily hold or attain.

  Remember what is important.  Anything worth having comes from God.  The most important decision is to live for Him and serve Him.  He then will give us the true necessities like His love and grace, forgiveness and compassion.

  He will then provide the real essential factors like happiness, joy, good health, peace and comfort.  He will be everything that you need and provide just what you need.  So true success is a happy, Jesus filled life.

  But after that comes the other important factors like His plan for you.  He will help you with dreams and turning them into a breathtaking reality.

  So do you know the Lord?  Are you living for Him?  Are you happy and healthy?  You are a true success.  Remember that the next time you doubt yourself.  Nothing is impossible with the Lord.  Just place your hand in His and begin your success filled journey!
God bless you

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

**A GRATEFUL HEART'S PRAYER ***************
My heart beholds the breathtaking beauty of another day.....
Looking upon everything with a special happiness
It fills me with a humbleness, more than words can say
As I realize just how, by your grace, that I am truly blessed.

I see the points of love that come streaming from your heart so true.....
Like the hope of family and friends who are always there
Provisions along my journey and strong faith to see me through
and the delight of sharing my deepest heart with you in prayer.
Creative beauty from your hands that makes every moment shine.....
Good health and sharing special time with others in a great way
Know I can have a wonderful dream and call it mine
You give me the motivation and inspiration for each day.
I am so grateful for the blessings that you have given me.....
and for teaching me to see them through my heart, both large and small
At this season and always, I want to say it happily
I am honored and thankful for the true blessing of it all.