Friday, July 12, 2019


 The greatest thing that I can do is envision you smiling at me,
Knowing that I brought happiness and delight to Your beautiful heart 
Walking in Your breathtaking presence and worshiping You so perfectly
This is the definition of success to me from which I will not depart.

I want to feel Your mighty power flowing to every part of who I am,
and wrap Your wondrous love around me through each and every hour of the day
Father, I want to see the awesome, never ending work of Your great hands
As you come in to my heart and life and create a masterpiece in Your great way.

Let Your Spirit be a refreshing touch like water from Heaven above,
Come instill within me all things perfect that reflect my Father that I adore
You are the brilliant light that guides my footsteps with Your anointing and Your love
Father, my heart reaches out for You and yearns with humble adoration for more.

Thought For The Day

When fear starts to


into your heart


worry begins to

bound you with stress

reach out


take in the Sonshine

The light of His love


the darkness of fear


the beauty of His grace



all the ties that bind


Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Precious Lord...

You see something special within me,
A small seed just beginning to grow
Beyond the pain, it's extraordinary
The breathtaking beauty only you know.

A brilliant light grows stronger and true,
It's the light of your presence within
Working with love so diligently
Suddenly, something special begins.

Your hands of grace open wide and grand,
That seed begins to blossom even more
Something develops just like your plan
All things spectacular are restored.

The pain is gone as your love is here,
There's a rebuilding process in place
Things are made perfect as you draw near
and made stronger within your embrace.

A great masterpiece made firm with time,
All ties that bind are broken away
It started with a seed and prayer in kind
Through you there's a new and brighter day.


Friday, July 5, 2019


Most gracious Lord..

Thank you for being the light of hope that illuminates my heart so brilliantly,
I am so grateful you are my peace and happiness that helps me to take each step
When I feel like giving up your powerful, sweet hand just comes along to cradle me
You are my Father, my Savior, my all and the greatest best friend I've ever met.

Each and every day I come before your throne and seek your presence with greatest care,
I humbly bring all that I am to you and lay it at your feet so patiently
For I know without any doubt even though I can't see you, you are always there
Working everything out on my behalf, and taking care of me so perfectly.

I don't even have to call, you already hear my heart's cry with honor and grace,
You are ready to help with all that I need, even though I don't deserve it
I reach out with all that I am, and you reach down to comfort me with your embrace
and begin to restore and rebuild everything so that it is a perfect fit.

So the question is right now, how do I offer my thanks unto you for it all?
I could never give enough for everything that you have given to me
But it's available to me without boundaries and all I have to do is call
I give praise and thanks unto you for the honor and blessings for eternity!


Wednesday, July 3, 2019


The breathtaking presence of your love is always there,
It comes like a beautiful light filling all of me
The wonder of your grace is bestowed with great care
 It is always limitless and flows abundantly.
The power of your anointing comes with humbleness
Like a flowing fountain refreshing my heart a new
The strength of your hands give hope and promise at its best
It is true provision and purpose in all I do.
The picture of who you are is perfection at its core
It is all the heart strives for or dreams to be
Just one glimpse of you instills a desire for more
to live for you and follow you for all eternity.
How can I say thank you for your love and everything?
I am so honored to be yours Lord everyday
Continue to fill me with all that your heart may bring
You are the lighthouse that forever opens the way.

Friday, June 28, 2019

Father Of My Heart
The beauty of your presence brings peace to my heart each day
The light of your love is the great source of my happiness
Your power is a bright beacon that always guides my way
Step by step I am truly grateful to be yours, and blessed.

Your sweet grace completely fills me and satisfies my soul
Your anointing refreshes me and gives me hope a new
All that comes from your mighty hands makes me complete and whole
A true best friend who is always with me my whole life through.
Your forgiveness is the foundation upon which I stand
My heart can truly dream with your my Lord always so near
I look toward your breathtaking glory and your wonderful plan
You are my Lord, my Saviour, and everything I hold dear.
     Sometimes it is so hard to understand why so many people have such a stand firm disbelief in God?  Why?  The other day I said 'have a blessed day' to a gentleman.  He proceeded to get very angry and said that he would like to hurt all christian like people.  Really?

     Here is the question to consider.  Where would we be without God?  I don't even want to think about that.  When you wake up in the morning and see another glorious sunrise that is a blessing from His heart.

    He is so good and loving.  He is always there with open arms.  Everyone is free to believe as they wish.  This is true.  As humans we have the power of individuality.  

   But without the Father of the universe there is nothing.  Why not consider opening your heart to Him today.  It will be the best decision you will ever make.

Prayer  The greatest thing that I can do is envision you smiling at me, Knowing that I brought happiness and delight to Your beautifu...